Auroras on Mars

Auroras on Mars

Hamburg Deutschland

Auroras on Mars (Justyna Jakóbowska) is a visual artist working in field of VJ-ing and video projections / video scenography.
In this area she works since 2008 and took part in such events as: Contem ucha Festival – Philharmonic of Lodz /12.2008 /, Warsaws Autumn /23.09.2009 /, I Festiwal Młodych Kompozytorów Chopin Transgresje, Warsaw /23.05.2010 /, Light Move Festival 2014 Lodz, Retroperspektywy Festival 2020 and 2021 Lodz.

She has created video projections for spectacles, performances, concerts, modern dance pieces or exhibitions. She is cooperating with musicians, directors and other visual artists. Since 2010 also mixing video as a VJ on parties (various electronic music from techno through ambient or minimal to house and funky). In 2018 she was awarded by the President of Lodz for her audio-video performance Underground river. The piece was also shown on Suoja/Shelter Festival 2019 in Helsinki. She is also a bit into video art, her video piece Because of Black Ice, Because of Red Sun - was recently selected for the 5th edition of the International Bad Video Art Festival (Moscow).

Justyna Jakóbowska is a graduate of the Department of Visual Arts within the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She expresses herself in the media of drawing, painting, installation, art action and intervention. She is also a curator and since 2009 has organised a curatorial project “Good and Beauty”. It focuses on discovering and conducting artistic actions in places which are typical relics of communist Poland, and which through their authenticity keep their specific poetics.

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