Clea Rojas

Clea Rojas is a 20 year old visual artist who creates NFT art and paintings.

She spent 13 years in Málaga (Spain) and now lives in her mother´s city, Hamburg (Germany). She has been doing art her whole life and had the opportunity to grow up in a creative environment, as many of her family members are artists as well. Clea likes to use verism (extreme or strict naturalism) when painting and drawing her ideas, but she also combines this with cubism or expressionism sometimes.

Most importantly, Rojas is an artist who wants to fight against the conservative minds of people and against the standard roles of our society: "I like to depict provocative figures in my paintings, so that you can think about them. I want you to think about why you find the objects and figures"weird" and perhaps change your views on some things, or even share them with myself".

The artist wants to break taboos and bring controversial topics like nipples, weed, psychedelics, boobs, vulvas, penises etc. into a new, normal, not taboo and different kind of light: "Who decided that boobs are not allowed to see the sunlight? Who decided that you are more mysterious if you hide yourself? Who decides what is sexual and what not? These are the questions she wants you to think about when looking at her art.