Dr. Nadine Beck

Dr. Nadine Beck

Hamburg Deutschland

Vulvantastic (she/her) is a writer, cultural historian and artist specializing in destigmatising self love, sex and female/trans/non-binary bodies and lust. She’s famous for her booming laughter, wicked sense of humor and constantly breaking taboos and being just outrageous.

Her PhD thesis explores the history of the vibrator. She’s curating exhibitions and museums about sex tech and history, being the curator of Germany‘s first sex toy museum. A lover of words, Vulvantastic produces lyrics and recently published „Plug + Play“, a book about the history of the vibrator.

She designs T-shirts and merch with feminist mottos, fights for body positivity and against taboos of any kind. The certfied sexual therapist is born in Marburg but now calls Hamburg her home. 

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