Julez Jeanz

Julez is a 24 year old fashion artist and denim designer. She has been doing paintings for as long as she can remember, did her A-Levels in Arts Class and now uses her skills to operate her own small business alongside her studies in business administrations and marketing.

With her "julez.jeanz" business, she creates customized waterproof and washable paintings on denim jackets and other denim clothes. She is currently initiating her first own fashion collection in collaboration with a dressmaker to manifest the typical "Julez"-style which consists of powerful contrasts between the fundamental colours and variations of it, attention-grabbing motifs and freaky appliqués.

With her strong styles she wants women and men to step out of their comfort zone and show that this world is not only made up of plain janes but crazy people who decide to do what they want themselves.
Because they're "Too Julez for Rulez".