Frankfurt am Main Deutschland

LadydeluxXxe, a DJane who has long been known everywhere for her sound and that not only regionally, also internationally she has poured out her cornucopia full of driving techno & hard techno beats. She first got a taste for electronic music in 2007. January 2012 she could no longer hold back your curiosity and stated to DJ.

From then on there was only one thing: "music".

On the monthly Little Boxes Labelnight she has made her first experiences on 09.02.2013. Since then, she has been playing throughout Germany in various clubs such as
the Tanzhaus West Frankfurt, MS Connection, Loft Club Ludwigshafen or Bunker in Rostock.

Internationally she has played in Switzerland at the Relevatez Festival and also in France at the Banging Forrest Open Air.

She heats up every club and you immediately notice the love and passion in her sets.

Truly hard techno with a very personal touch.

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