Semmy Willemsen

Semmy Willemsen

Hamburg Deutschland

Semmy Willemsen lives and creates fashion pieces in the Netherlands, Utrecht to be precise.

Living in Berlin, she used to go to raves and dance all night long, experiencing a feeling of freedom within herself. It felt like a whole new her.
Moving back to the Netherlands she missed the Berlin feeling so so much, and that’s when everything started.

After long conversations with her mom, who has been a gabber and hardcore fanatic for years and combining the feelings that aroused, SW came to life.
Sammy Willemsen, a brand inspired by the Dutch gabber and the Berlin rave culture was founded in 2020 and is upcoming right now.

"SW, where we combine Gabber and Rave together in one new subculture. While wearing SW you can feel strong, confident, sexy and comfortable." 

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