Teri Lois

Teri Lois

Utrecht Niederlande

Teri Lois is a 23 year old student from Utrecht, the Netherlands. She studied Fashion Design for three years and then started studying Illustration to focus on her storytelling skills.

She loves imperfections and drawing outside the lines. It is very important for her to start conversations about social issues. Using symbols and figures in her works makes them open for interpretation. She is dancing on the tightrope between the everyday personal dilemmas and the bigger issues in the world. To visualize this she mainly uses painting and collage technique, but she is open to every kind of technique/material that best suits the story she wants to tell.

She is also very passionate about music and open for a broad spectrum of genres. She is learning to dj for a while now and her upcoming big project is about bringing visual art and music together. In short, Teri and her work can be described as punk and poetic.

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