Femtonal Sessions #20

05.12.2023 20:00

There's a special editon on it's way.

It's unbelievable how fast the last two years have passed and we are excited to announce our last Femtonal Sessions in 2023 with a big bang!

Not only will this be the last audiostream of the year. It will also mark a new step in our progress since we are upgrading our sessions to livestreams via twitch beginning 2024.

A perfect occasion to shout out a big "THANK YOU" to the guys from Elevtronic Beatz Network who were hosting our audiostream for the last two years.
We are truly grateful for your great work.

Of course we chose a special line up and are thrilled to stream our 3 best streams so far.

- AH-N!CE (Bad Feminists)
- Maniaclina (Bad Feminists)
- Umka Begovic (Bad Feminists)

Livestream (20:00-00:00)

BadFem-Acts (A-Z)


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